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Game Description
Feel the emotion and intensity of the most complete basketball experience with NBA LIVE 06. With a totally enhanced transition game, take the point and deliver fast break passes on the fly as teammates run the lanes awaiting your pass. On defense, get inside and feel what it?s like to block a dunk—or to be dunked on—as big bodies collide under the basket. Will you live in the paint or set up camp outside the arc? The choice is yours. The sport of basketball is elevated to a whole new level with NBA LIVE 06.

Key Features

* All-New EA SPORTS™ Freestyle Superstars
NBA Superstars perform with the distinct characteristics of a Highflyer, Playmaker, Scorer, Sharpshooter, Stopper, or Power Player.
* Unleash Your Superstar
Dominate inside or live life around the arc. Choose a specific playing style before each game to take advantage of the upcoming match-up.
* All-New Graphics Engine
Showcasing their talents like never before, players perform, act, and truly look like their real-life counterparts.
* Up-Tempo Basketball
In the open court, EA SPORTS™ Freestyle Superstars take their game to the highest level with an enhanced transition game.
* Reign Supreme in Dynasty Mode™
Evolve your rookie into a Superstar, or take the helm of a Franchise by assembling assistants, trainers, and scouts to assist in player development.
* Freestyle Challenge Jumps Online
Battle All-Star players online in Exhibition games, or Slam Dunk and 3 Point Shootout modes.



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